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PhotoCleaner is a solution for improving clarity of a picture.
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PhotoCleaner is a time efficient solution for improving clarity of a picture. Usually the pictures taken from a digital camera require certain modifications like removal of “red” eyes or glares, which can be easily done with the help of PhotoCleaner. It makes it possible to enhance the picture clarity or change the environment with the help of mere click of an enhance button provided.
It’s important functionalities include: Semi-automatic photo enhancement, resizing, level adjustment, color correction and saturation, auto-rotate, noise reduction, reveal shadows, sharpening and cropping photos, red eye removal and viewing EXIF photo information.
PhotoCleaner also allows the user to use the batch mode and operate on multiple pictures simultaneously. It enables creation of PhotoAlbums for websites online as well.
It saves the user from lengthy and complicated process of processing the pictures to overcome defects, providing a fast image processing solution.
The program shows substantial improvements upon enhancing already good quality photos, thereby proving its utility. It saves time and manual work with one click working to perform any operation. So overall, PhotoCleaner is a good instant photo enhancement solution, providing versatile functionality and efficient results, at a modest price.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Does not have "Undo"
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